Monday, July 9, 2018

When you put the pencil down

I admit it.  I am guilty.  I am guilty of putting the pencil down.  I have let the busyness of life take over.  It is a struggle, and the struggle is real.  I am not blaming it on being a full time working mom and that when I worked half time I had more time to sit and write.

There are things that I know and don't know.  Things I am good at and not good at.  I told myself I would be better and post more.  Here it is...July...I failed.  I feel like I am forgetting to capture moments in our lives, but instead we are living in those moments.

We have worked a lot at our farm.  We have planted trees, built more structures, and are making it more comfortable while there.  It is hard with no water and power.  We always say, "Everything takes longer at the farm!"

I ran the Disney Princes 10K and Half marathon...Fairy Tale Challenge.  Such a fun time but the race was HOT!

Olivia turned 7! Yikes time is flying!

Our moments at the farm are a lot of work!

In New York I caught this HUGE fish!!

And ran a race at New Era Field!

I need to remember to do better at collecting all these memories! Time is flying so fast.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Where did 2017 go?

I told myself the other night that I needed to add a post to keep this blog alive.  The past 5 months have flown by.  The busyness of life has taken over.  There is work, homework, laundry, religious education, gymnastics, and the list seems endless.

We closed out the summer with a trip to Jekyll Island since Hunting Island was not ready for campers yet.  We had a great time.  We loved the bike paths and fishing pier.  The campground was small but it worked for us! We did visit Hunting Island, just the day use area, it is still beautiful but nature has taken its toll.

Olivia started first grade in August and I started my 15th year teaching!  She is loving her teachers and loves first grade!

Then end of September and October were a little rough.  I had some outpatient surgery due to some female issues.  I feel like at 38 years old my body is out of whack.  I have had ovarian cysts, been on medications, and finally had a fibrioid removed at the end of September.  I still am not feeling 100% better.  Growing old is no fun...  Olivia also had her first visit from the tooth fairy.  She had to get 2 teeth pulled due to some teeth growing in behind her baby teeth.  She looks like a little pumpkin!

Then Olivia got sick.  Really sick...she got something called Sapovirus which is similar to Norovirus.  We spent 3 days at CHOA Egleston.  Finally the Tuesday after all this happened she was able to go back to school. It was a pretty scary few days.  Her intestines was very swollen.  We were so happy when she was finally better and back to her happy self.

At least at the end of October we enjoyed Halloween! Loved her creativity of being a Sea Turtle Patrol volunteer.

November flew by fast.  We made another trip to the farm for a few days.  Olivia and I even went hunting with daddy! It was a little crazy up in the deer stand but it was fun.  We cleaned up the front a little bit and planted some plants.  I will have to dig up some photos from that trip....I think they are on Brendon's phone.

Ahhh....December.  I think Olivia has been excited about Christmas since like December.  We even had some snow this December and a visit from Mema and Pepa! WE visited Santa twice- Silver City Farms and The Story Shop in Monroe.

Now to look forward to 2018! Here's to looking foward!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Another trip to the farm

It was time to cut the grass at the farm.  We left late on a Friday afternoon after returning from the farm.  Traffic was not as good and we took a different way.  We ate dinner in the car...corndogs! Dont' be jealous! I started cutting as soon as we unloaded and cut until I couldn't see.  Brendon worked on beaver patrol and we were very happy to see our pond up with water.  With thought we may have a leak somewhere.  We spent most of Saturday cutting grass until a storm rolled through.  Then we went to Dairy Queen and Home Depot.  We bought some lumber for our next project.  We want to build some form of shade structure.  Then we had to cut some more on Sunday morning because the rain dampened my cutting.  We also did some trash pick up.

Off to New York

Juse was busy! Full of travel.  After coming home from the farm, we had time to do some laundry, I had a work meeting, and then get packed up for New York!  Also in that time I started working on things at the house.  The upstairs doors were painted (as of now July 14th) and currently I am working on painting all the moldings around the door which is much easier than painting the doors!

We flew to NY for a week and here are some fun times!

We went to the zoo, a Bisons game, played lots of baseball, saw lots of family and lots of fun!